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Fantastic realtor with excellent service.

My wife and I were looking to buy our first home and Tan was very patient with us as he took us around to see many different properties. He shared his expert opinions regarding underlying property value and suitability for our needs. He answered all of our questions and it was clear he had done his homework ahead of time and came prepared each time we met with him. He made our first homebuying experience a vey positive one. Highly recommended!


Tan is a great agent that I have never met.

I will definitely introduce him to my friends who are intended to buy a house.


Excellent agent who will negotiate a fair price for you.

He goes beyond the call of duty to ensure you are completely satisfied. Does the showing himself instead of sending an assistant. Personal service.


We were impressed right from the first meeting with Tan throughout the whole process.

Straightforward, friendly plus good listening skills and thorough real estate knowledge were present. His negotiation skills were superb. We were very happy with his personal, professional real estate skills and would highly recommend him. M/M Kwan, Burnaby

Karen K.

Tan has been a truly an exceptional realtor for my parents when he helped them sell their home.

He was very knowledgeable about the market conditions, including the legal aspects involved and always looked out for their best interest. For instance, when my parents were willing to accept a good offer, he knew they could get more and advised them to wait. Their home was sold at a higher price and in a timely manner. Tan always kept my parents informed and updated during the process and took time out to meet my parents whenever they requested. I would definitely choose Tan when I am ready to sell my home or buy another one and will refer him to my friends and family.


Tan is one of the best agents I have come across in my various real estate transactions.

That is also the reason that I have decided to partner with Tan each time. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is quick to help me to understand the current market and the economic outlook. He will accommodate my requests in a very professional manner and is one to prioritize his work efficiently. I enjoy his positive attitude and the reasoning he brings to the table which meets my needs. Also he is a very effective negotiator and he can analyze the risks and benefits to a situation or with complex property contracts/forms. I appreciate all the effort he puts forward to go the extra mile in all aspects large or small. I feel good that my realtor, Tan is always on top of our communication. I can honestly say that he will provide the service you deserve, from a realtor you can trust. This has been my personal experience with Tan Truong.


Tan helped my mother sell her house and buy a townhouse.

This review is based off of the purchase of the townhouse. My mom is a first time seller/buyer. Tan is very knowledgeable in every aspect of real estate. He was able to guide my mom through this entire process step by step, giving tons of information and advice. He is excellent at creating contracts, negotiating and knowing how buyers/sellers think. This was proven to us when my mom was able to secure her purchase quickly even though there was another offer on the table that was higher than ours. This process was very difficult for my mother as she was having to sell her family home and downsize to a townhome. She at times was difficult to deal with and occasionally the communication between Tan and her faltered, However, he always remained professional and became even more dedicated to finding her an new home. Overall we are very pleased with the work that Tan has done. My mom now has a new home that is everything she asked for and more! Thank you

Christina C.

Tan helped me to sell my apartment.

After signing the listing contract, he took care of everything for me. During the listing, I had a situation with the strata council over my storage locker. Tan communicated with the property manager on my behalf and resolved it. I needed a quick sale, and he delivered. Even when the offer came, I was going to accept a much lower price, but Tan advised me to go for more, and he got it for me. I am extremely happy that I used Tan as my agent. He’s very knowledgeable, and most importantly to me, is that I can trust him completely. Thanks again for your help Tan!

Bill S.

My experience with Tan was everything it should be.

He goes the extra mile to ensure that the process of selling your property for the best price is a great experience. He's a very outgoing person but not in the way I've found other agents to be. He truly cares about you as a person and not just as a commission. I highly recommend him as an agent.


I never had property sold before and was quite nervous about it.

Mr. Truong took it in stride and helped along to the sale and beyond the sale. I strongly recommend Mr. Truong to any buyer, seller, renter. He's great.


Tan was very helpful and professional in guiding me through the complexities of first time home buying.

His knowledge and advice was extremely useful in the entire process. Thank you Tan for the outstanding service!

Mike M

His strategy worked out perfectly.

He arranged everything in a timely manner from the beginning. He really knows how to do his job. Excellent service!!

Lisa S.

Tan is an amazing real estate agent and he sold our property in a short time and over $100K+ over ask!

We were so delighted to have him represent us in this slower detached house market. Thank you Tan Truong!


I have bought and sold a few homes using Tan as my realtor and I have never been disappointed!

Both times I have sold homes, the price we achieved and the length of time on the market far surpassed my expectations. The two times I have bought homes using Tan as our realtor he worked hard finding the perfect place and truly cared about our happiness and financial well being. Tan represents himself in a very professional manner while at the same time is genuine and friendly. He understands the market well and does not rest until he has accomplished his goals! I most definitely would use Tan again for any realtor needs!


Tan is very professional, hardworking, helpful and patient.

He helped me find the property that fit my needs. I am so thankful!

Helen Y.

Excellent experience

Brian S.

Tan contacted us without any previous contact with him, He was very professional and always gave us very clear and accurate information about the listing of our home from the time it was listed o the time it was sold.


We were very satisfied with Tan's overall services.

He explained us the market situation for our area, simplified the selling process , while emphasizing "more important" contractual obligations and details ,and was able to get us a premium market price (relative to recent past sales in our building!) at an uncertain time of the market.We can definitely recommend him and would use his services again.


Tan went above and beyond for us as we tried to find our first house.

He showed up each time with the utmost professionalism and was even early to most of our viewings. We were so incredibly pleased with his excellent service and he did a great job of answering our million questions about the contract as we made our offers. I recommend him to all my friends and family!!

Mariana M.

我很高兴和Tan Truong的合作,在替我们购买高贵林港独立屋的房屋购买过程中,他丰富的地产知识、经验和谈判技巧,不仅让我们抢先一步购买到心仪的房屋,拿到一个最优的价格,更提供我们全方面从看房、购房、比价议价到协助贷款、查阅房屋信息、验屋和交屋过户的一条龙服务。他给了我们一个非常愉悦的买房经历。谢谢Tan。我们很乐意继续找他买卖房屋。 I am very pleased with Tan Truong's help in the purchase of an expensive house.

His wealth of real estate knowledge, experience and negotiation skills, not only let us first be able to buy our favourite house and get one of the most excellent prices, but also provide us with help in all aspects from the showings, purchase, negotiation, to assisting with loans, access to housing information, inspection and transfer of goods through the train service. He gave us a very pleasant experience of buying a house. Thank you Tan. We are happy to use him to buy and sell houses again.


This is the 3rd time we have used Tan as our agent.

We've been working with him for 11 years. He has grown in his professionalism immensely. We would recommend him to anyone.

M & J

Tan got us an offer before our first open house and before we knew it, he sold our condo within one weeks time and over asking price.

We were so happy that we didn't have to keep paying into our mortgage because he also got us a fast and quick close on the deal. Thanks Tan!


Tan has good knowledge of the realty process and is very good at explaining things.

In addition, he's helped us with some minor home improvement tasks to ensure our property was well maintained.


Tan was our Agent for 2 separate property transactions.

He's hardworking and dedicated. Our example is the first property that we had. This property had been listed with a local agent with no results. After we signed up with Tan, it was quickly sold. He advised us throughout the process and expectations e.g. listing, open house, negotiations, closing, etc. We did not hesitate to sign with him again when we were ready for another real estate transaction.


Tan did a lot of things right to get us multiple offers that pushed our condo sale price way above asking!

We contribute the success to his keen professionalism and his acute salesmanship :) Thank you Tan for setting the bar high for the rest of the comps in the building!

Matt M.

Thank you for all your help considering the difficult circumstances and time constraint!

We really appreciate your support through all this and being so quick to respond.


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